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Weekly Routine?

I’m trying to get a handle on my schedule and bring some order into my world. Do other pastors have some kind of routine in their schedule? Do they do certain tasks (sermon preparation, time with staff and leaders, prayer, counseling, administrative tasks, time-off, etc.) in designated blocks of time on specified days, or do they do their tasks randomly, whenever they can? Read the responses

Another Look at Multi-Dimensional Ministry
Tony Cooke

Multi-Dimensional MinistryTo this day, I greatly value teaching, preaching, and healing, but I’ve learned to additionally appreciate the personal touch that comes through pastoral care. I’ve also come to believe there are people who don’t necessarily stand in the pastoral office, but who function very proficiently in loving and caring for others “pastorally.” These might be people who are great encouragers, who operate strongly in what Paul calls “mercy” in Romans 12:8, or who exercise what is referred to as “hospitality” in various places throughout the New Testament. Read this article by Tony Cooke 

Pastoral Succession: Stepping Out Gracefully - Stepping In Effectively
Dr. Earlby and Brent Coulter

Pastoral SuccessionIt is inevitable that every Senior Pastor’s season of having the responsibility of leading a church comes to an end. For the ongoing viability of a church, every congregation needs to address the issue of succession. The success of this transition depends upon the recognition of its necessity by the Senior Pastor. He has an extremely important role in the transition. Read this article by Earlby Coulter and Brent Coulter 

What Caring People Need to Know About Suicide
An Audio Interview with Dr. Dale Doty and Dr. Timothy Doty of Christian Family Institute

Dr Dale Doty TulsaTony recently interviewed two professional counselors about suicide. What are the warning signs of a person who is dealing with suicidal thoughts? What can caring people do to help people that are struggling? What is the difference between crisis intervention and longer-term support? Listen to this interview with Dr. Dale Doty and Dr. Timothy Doty.

Dr. Timothy Doty also is making available to our readers a guidebook for leaders of various faiths entitled, “The Role of Faith Communities in Suicide Prevention. Click here to read the guidebook

The Winds of Change
Rick Renner

Winds of Change Rick RennerThe winds of change are blowing, separating the wheat from the chaff. Even identifying who is “wheat” and who is “chaff” can become a point of contention, depending on the group to which one belongs. Unfortunately, what we currently see and feel is only the beginning of the rift that is developing within the Church world. Unless a major revival occurs, this rift will only grow deeper and wider. If repentance doesn’t melt the hearts of people throughout the Church world, it will eventually seem like there are three churches. Read this article by Rick Renner

Succession Planning - It’s a Cultural Thing!
Don Burns

succession planning don burnsA great Pastor told me a fact about American churches I had never heard. He mentioned there are approximately 100,000 churches at or near the point of transition in their leadership. He called it, “the greatest transfer of church wealth in our history.” Churches that have been launched, buildings that have been paid off, and congregations that have grown will be handed off to the next generation of leaders within the next 10 years. Where are these leaders? Are there enough qualified leaders to take on this great responsibility? Read this article by Don Burns 

Tony Cooke Quotes

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“After all is said and done, more is said than done.”
- Aesop

"People have an idea now that it makes very little difference what a man believes if he is only sincere, if he is only honest in his creed. I believe that is one of the greatest lies that ever came out of the pit of Hell."
- Dwight L. Moody

“The only three things we can count on are death, taxes, and change. Since organizations are being bombarded with change, you would be wise to make learning a top priority and constantly strive to adapt to new circumstances.”
- Ken Blanchard

"If you're a leader, lives should be better because of the influence you've had."
- Tony Dungy

“I believe with every trial in life comes the opportunity to have a FINEST MOMENT - When you didn't quit, you didn't give up, you didn't turn on God, you didn't go crazy - you stood, fought, and won!”
- Pattie Ah Kui